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I love quotes and sayings in my house.  I love how they show my personality through a few words.  This week I added to my collection using one of Courtney's photos from YAY Prints.  I also had a chance to interview her.  I was able to learn where she got the idea for her new collection and why she started her business.

1. What made you want to start YAY Prints?

Last year I started working from home. I spend a lot of time on the computer answering emails and phone calls. Designing prints was my way to blow off some steam. I had so many ideas that I decided to open YAY prints etsy.

2. Why did you go for the digital prints instead of mailing them? 

There are a lot of benefits for going digital. First! It's a lot cheaper to go and print it yourself vs. buying the print and having it shipped to you. My customer's can worry less about the package being damaged and waiting for the package, digital is delivered to you instantly! PLUS my customer's can print it as many times as they want and give it to others for gifts, or use it as a phone background, or computer background.

3. How do you choose what to make the prints of? (they seem all very positive, is that a theme)

The inspiration from my prints come from my daughter! It's important to me that she sees the beauty this world has to offer and that she recognizes the good. A lot of my prints are so she can see and read the prints in our home.
If you want to see more of her prints check out her Etsy Shop HERE

Check out in a few weeks how I created a personalized frame for this photo.

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