DIY Cardboard Wall Art for only $3

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With my school semester coming to an end and my recently cut work hours as a pre maternity leave before Baby Z gets here, I have more time on my hands then ever.  It started out very relaxing between my binge watching of Netflix, a nap, a little more Netflix, another nap and some Pinterest browsing in between.  But I started to get bored fast  and decided I needed to do something useful.  So I decided I would put my Pinterest addiction to good use and start making do it yourself projects one by one (even though I have never really done DIY projects... ever...).  I learned I actually really like doing them because of the satisfaction and the challenge! Its a challenge because....
      1. I didn't think I could craft or decorate
      2. I have a very small budget for supplies
So back to my project this was the first one I made and I am quite proud of myself!

I attempted to get similar results as Bon Temps Beignet but decided to use a different method that was faster for me and used materials I already had.

Step 1.
Gather Materials
  • Cardboard
  • Box cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Choice of paint

Step 2.
Start cutting the cardboard.  I first cut my background piece for how big I thought I wanted my wall art altogether.  Then started to cut squares and rectangles in 3 different sizes to fit onto that background piece.

Step 3.
Place pieces where you think you will want them.  It was easier for me to start with the biggest ones first and start layering.  If your confident you can glue as you go.  For me I did it at the very end to make sure I liked my overall placement.
As I put it together I decided I wanted a larger statement piece so I repeated the steps again to make it double the size but it is all up to your preference.

Step 4.
Glue it all down (if you didn't at the previous step).  I learned quickly the glue gun creates a lot of "strings" so make sure to take them off before painting because it will create a different a dirty look after painting.

Step 5.
Paint! I spray painted the whole piece which was quick and easy.  By painting the piece very last tt used a lot less paint because all the squares are covered by other ones.

*I'm thinking about creating 2 more smaller pieces to put on each side of my TV and use 2 or 3 different colors for the squares.  If I do this I think it will be much easier to paint the cardboard pieces before I glue them in order to make sure I have balance and I don't have paint dripping on other pieces.

The End Result
This cardboard wall art is my husband's favorite piece is our house.  He shows it off anytime someone comes over and has shown a few people a picture of it.  He likes how unique it looks and it is great for apartment therapy because it takes up a lot of space (at least mine does).

Tips to create this piece for less money:
1. If you do not have cardboard on hand ask a local business.  My husband's workplace has TONS of cardboard they recycle and throw away because that is what they receive their inventory in.  If you ask them in advance they are often willing to pass it along to customers like you!

2. Use paint for you already have.  I recently cleaned out a closet (after this project) and realized I have many cans of spray paint I could have used to make this project completely FREE.

I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, or expertise from you!
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