15 Strange Pregnancy Symptoms

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     As my pregnancy is coming close to an end (I'm 36 weeks! Can you believe it?) I've been thinking about my pregnancy from when I first found out the exciting news to now.  I’ve braved all the crazy pregnancy symptoms, my body growing to sizes I never thought I'd be and endured all unusual comments and questions asked by strangers.  I’m so glad I’ve been able to have this experience and I'm so excited for me and my husband to meet our son.  With that, I’ve decided to create a series of posts about the things I’ve experienced during my first pregnancy. 

Here is a list of the top 15 strangest pregnancy symptoms I experienced during my pregnancy.

 First and Second Trimester Symptoms:
  1. Tired.  There are no words to describe how tired a person feels during pregnancy.  It isn’t an all-nighter tired or even a stayed up for 2 days straight to do the most intense work out for 24/7 tired.  It’s as if the whole world sat on you giving you no strength.  Making you tired from head to toe, every bone in your body.  I don’t know if everyone has that intense of tiredness but I sure did.  I’m still tired all the time (36 weeks) but luckily its not as intense as the first trimester.
  2. Sick “as a dog”.  I’m not sure where this saying came about but thought it was good to use because in the first trimester I was sick.  Before I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t feel very good all the time, especially at night but soon I realized it’s the morning sickness.
  3. Baby Love.  I started to see babies everywhere and notice everything they did more in my first trimester than ever before.  I was in love with how small they were, all the cute faces they made, their laughs and everything else a baby did.  This has continued throughout my whole pregnancy.
  4. Addiction to belly rubs.  Belly rubs are usually for dogs but I love a good belly rub by my husband.  It is so calming and makes Baby Z be calm too.  This started during my first trimester and I still love them now.
  5. Drooling.  This is also a dog thing but I guess pregnant women (or at least me) mimic dogs in many ways.
  6.  Loathe certain foods.  Throughout my pregnancy I’ve had different smells that would lead me straight to the bathroom or nearest trashcan, sometimes it happened when I ate it and some were just by smelling it.  Most foods have come and gone on my "black list" but seafood has stayed on there from beginning to now.  (Which sucked for my husband because that is one of his favorite things to eat… he was a good sport).
  7. Crying.  I’ve cried over the big things, the little things and over nothing.  Between crying over my husband walking out of the room to crying and not knowing why.  Luckily this stopped for the most part during my second trimester but I still get emotional sometimes.   

    Third Trimester Symptoms:
  8. Thinking you can fit into things you can’t.  It’s like a game of red rover, trying to fit in between 2 things I really should not even try.  I don’t know how many times I’ve taken a turn too sharp, try to fit in between tables or people and realize too late that my belly does not fit. 
  9. Need for significant other.  The farther along I get the more I need my husband around or I get worried over nothing.
  10. Reverse Belly Button.  It looks like I have a little knob sticking out where my belly button should be.  The farther along I get the more it sticks out.
  11. Rib Punches and Kicks.  Baby Z must be practicing to be a professional kick boxer and spy.  He sneaks his way inside my ribs to practice his boxing skills.
  12. Instantly Starving.  My husband will ask one minute if I’m hungry and I won’t be but within 15 minutes I’ll be STARVING.  My stomach feels like its eating itself, intense rumblings, and all I can think about is what I’m going to eat next before I die.  (little dramatic but it's ok)
  13. Bending is a challenge in itself.  I went from easily being able to touch my toes to it being nearly impossible to pick something off the ground without falling over.
  14. Huge weight gain being acceptable and even encouraged.  There is almost no other times in someone’s adult life where it is fine or encouraged to gain weight.  I’ve gained over 35 pounds in the last 8 months and its ok.  (Plus it’s great when you want an extra bowl of ice cream or few extra cookies because no one can really notice the difference with your growing baby inside you!) 
  15. Abs without having to work out.  When my doctor explained what Braxton hicks contractions are she told me they feel like spontaneous rock hard abs for a few seconds.   And they do! So even if I’ve skipped my ab workouts these last for the last few months I still have a chance to dream and feel my “abs”… at least for a few seconds.
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  1. Yes to all of this! Especially the tired part, I can have a nice relaxing day and feel like I need to sleep 20 hours. And if something is on the floor, guess what. It's staying there haha.

    1. That is how it has gotten for me once things are on the floor or I just try to pick it up without having to bend down.

  2. Hi! I definitely had the symptoms you mentioned. Specially being tired and needing my hubby.

    1. I wonder what makes us pregnant women need our husband more than normal?

  3. Ha! I remember most of these things. I also had a very intense sense of smell. My husband called me a super hero ;)