DIY Quote Wall Art Using Paint Chips

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This project is my favorite do it yourself project I have done so far.  It looks cute, you are able to create this paint chip craft in any style you choose, and you are able to create this easy wall art for very cheap.  I repurposed an old frame, paint chips of any color and paper to create this project.  I don't have very many pictures for this project but I don't think you will need any since it is very easy.

Step 1:
Gather supplies
  • Paint chips.  I needed about 20 but it will vary depending on the size of your frame and the type of paint chips you use.
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Frame
  • Paper (I forgot to take a picture of this part)
  • Stencils
  • Optional: Paint (if frame isn't the color you want).  I originally thought I would use the green frame in the picture but changed my mind at the end because I found a black one in my closet that saved me from painting.
Step 2:
Tape on paint chips in the design you want to the cardboard back of your frame.  I decided to do every other (blue and black) horizontally.  But it is all to your taste.  I found it was very smart to tape instead of glue because I adjusted the paint chips a few times in order to align the stripes but you could glue also.

Step 3:
Stencil letters to quote of your choice.  I decided to use "Forever and Always"

Step 4:
Tape on letters.  I taped the letters right on top of the paint chips. Again, you could use glue but I adjusted my letters a few time in order to make them even.

The End Result
This probably my favorite project so far because I love how it turned out, I love how it ties together my colors in my living room and it was completely free for me!

Tips to Save Money on this Project:
  1. * For big frames look at your local thrift stores.  Every thrift store I have been to have TONS of frames for cheap (I think I bought this frame previously for $2 and it pretty large).
    * If using smaller frames (they usually have up to an 8x12 look at Dollar Tree).  I have found that Dollar Tree works better for me if I'm buying a smaller frame because it is brand new for only $1 and you can choose the color you want without having to paint the frame.
  2. Find paper around the house or in your child's backpack.  I used card stock paper I found. 
  3. Paint chips are free! So stock up on any style next time you are at your local hardware store or Walmart.

I would love to hear any of your comments, suggestions or expertise!
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