DIY Bottle Centerpiece and Vase

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Last week I redecorated my living room and moved furniture (well mostly my husband and mom did that part but I was good moral support) making it look like a whole new room.  I love how much more space I have! It's very surprising how much of a difference moving the furniture can be a room. With the new placement of furniture and decorations my my coffee table starting looking pretty bare.  So I decided to decorate some old liquor bottles and yarn to to make a centerpiece (I think I have a new addiction. Finding trash to treasure.  Heehee not the worst thing to be addicted to).

Step 1.
Gather supplies
  • Bottles. You can get as many as you need, I had a small space to fill so I only used 3.
  • Yarn. You can use as many colors as you choose! My favorite one is the half black/ half white one because it has more of a distinct look but you can choose to do it however you would like. 
  • Glue. I just used liquid elders glue.
  • Tule or ribbon. (I used tule)
  • Scissors

Step 2:
First tie a know around the top of the bottle then start wrapping it around the bottle.  The yarn went around very tight when the glass was not on a curve. When you reach a rounded part of your bottle that is when you will need the glue. Make sure to use very little so you don't get any on the top side of the yarn. When you get to the end tie a knot and tuck in both the top and bottom where there is extra yarn sticking out.

Step 3: 
Tie your tuel or ribbon around the bottles.

The End Result 

I think this project turned out great.  I know you will be able to get great results when you do this project too.  I think later I might use these bottles as a vase and put flowers or something inside.

Tips to create this project cheaper:
1. Use bottles you already have or ask someone you know that has someone. I used bottles from the restaurant I work out, they serve lots of alcohol. They usually throw them away but just by asking they save them for me.  You could do this too if you do not drink often.
2. Use yarn you already have on hand. My white yarn was only scraps but I was able to use it for half the bottles.  If you do not have any yarn just buy the cheap yarn since it is not for soft touch.
3. Use anything you have at home to create the bow (tuel, ribbon, lace, little girls hair bow, the possibilities are endless!)

I would love to hear any comments, tips, questions and pictures of your results with this tutorial!
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