DIY Repurpose Old Shelf or Wood Piece for under $5

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On Pinterest I see tons of people who create amazing do it yourself crafts using old furniture or wood to paint unique pieces for their home.  I decided I would start small (in case mine didn't look HGTV worthy) and create my own wall art.  I used a shelf from old furniture my neighbors were throwing away but you could use a piece of wood and get the same result.  I was very impressed with the results!  It turned out very cute, it was easy, fast, and budget friendly.  It could even be a project for kids to help you with.

Step 1:
Gather Supplies

  • Old shelf or wood piece
  • Painters tape
  • Paint.  I used 2 colors of spray paint but you can do whichever your creative mind desires.
Step 2:
 Put tape in stripes across board.  I don't have a picture of what I did but it is all up to your creativity.   This is the step your kids can even help you with!

Step 3: 
Paint.  If painting one color just cover the whole board and using spray paint to make a simple art project.  If using 2 colors of spray paint its a little more challenging but it can be done! (Even my no experience husband and I did it). 

**My problem when doing this step I tried to get too close so it would not enter any other lines which caused dripping.  For next time I think I will create thicker stripes of tapes to make fix this problem or I might just use acrylic paint instead.

Step 4:
Let it dry overnight.  I might have waited too long but I wanted to make sure all the paint was dry before peeling off the tape so I wouldn't mess it up.

Step 5:
Peel off tape

The End Result
It just got done this morning so I haven't hung it on the wall yet but I would have to say it turned out very good. I'll post an updated picture once it is hung up.

Tips to Save Money on this Project:
1. Use pieces you already have around the house. (I'm always surprised how much junk.. great supplies I have around the house).
2. Use paint you already have.  I have tons of spray paint from previous projects maybe you do too!  If you don't have paint supplies on hand, look at your local craft stores or Walmart.  I get lots of my supplies from Hobby Lobby because I am able to use their 40% coupon anywhere and anything that isn't already on sale.

I would love to hear from any comments, suggestions or expertise you have! 
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