Do It Yourself Framed Monogram Letter

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     I love words and letters.  I love how they show your personality and who you are, I love all the different styles, colors, fonts and sizes they can come in.  Plus they are really easy to decorate with and great for apartment therapy because you can make a statement with your favorite quote.

    So with this project I decided to add to my collection of lettered wall art by making my own do it yourself framed monogram letter. After trying to follow many different Pinterest tutorials to create this (they didn't work out very well)  I ended creating my own method that is a lot faster, easier and require no artistic ability.

Step 1: Gather Craft Supplies
  • Frame
  • Sharpie or Dry Erase Marker
  • Glass Paint Pen
  • (Optional) Stencil
Step 2: Draw letter onto the cardboard back of frame OR tape the stencil onto the cardboard
I decided to draw my monogram letter so I could make a few changes to the stencil I found online.
*Tip to drawing your own letter: Since I'm definitely not an artist I found using different size cups were easy tools to use when drawing the curved parts of my letter.

Step 3:  Use a sharpie or dry erase marker to trace the letter to the top side of glass

Step 4: Use a glass paint pen to draw the letter onto the back of the glass then follow the bake instructions for your pen to make it permanent
I needed to do this step twice because I still had see through parts.
*Tip hold the glass up to the light to see parts you missed.  I thought I colored in my letter thoroughly the first time but realized after I still had pieces not filled in all the way.

The Final Result

I think this turned out great.  I can't believe it is a do it yourself project!

Tips to create this project cheaper: 
  1. If using a large frame (bigger than 8x10) try to find one at the thrift store.  This is where I found my and I love how I found a unique frame for about $1.  If using a smaller frame (8x10 or smaller) try to find it at Dollar Tree.  They have many different styles and sizes.
  2. Use a sharpie, dry erase marker, or any other type of marker you already have at home to draw your letter on the cardboard and front of frame.  
  3. If you don't have a paint pen try to find one at Hobby Lobby and use their 40% off coupon or other local craft stores.  (This is where I got mine for about $2 after using the coupon).  If you don't want to buy the paint pen you can also use acrylic paint.
  4. If you don't want draw your letter you can find the style you like online, print it out and trace.
 I would love to hear any comments, tips, and to see your results from this tutorial!
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