DIY Chevron Necklace From Paint chips

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Chevron is everywhere! Chevron clothes, jewelry.. even wedding themes.  As I keep seeing chevron it makes me want everything chevron too!... Well maybe not everything but I definitely did want a necklace in that pattern.  As I was looking at Pinterest of all the cute clothes that were accessorizes with a chevron necklaces I got motivated to try to make my own jewelry at home... even if I had to start at beginners level (I've never made jewelry before).  I made my necklace grey, black and white and I love how it turned out!  But maybe next time I will choose colors that "pop" so it can be more of a statement piece or a bracelet to match. But here is a tutorial for a cheap do it yourself necklace.

Step 1: Gather Supplies
  • Paint chips.  I originally had 4 but decided I like 3 better when I put it all together.  It is however big you would like it.
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Necklace band
 Step 2: Tape paint chips together
I first layered them leaving a space to show off the previous color.  Then I used a short piece of double sided tape cut in half to put on each side of the V.  I also used a small sliver of tape at the bottom corner of the V (do this step for every layer).

Step 3: Cut the top layer in a V shape
In this picture you can still see the writing from paint pieces but I cut them a little smaller so I wouldn't see that part when I was all finished.
Step 4: Attach necklace band
I used a small leather band.  I cut it in half so that I could tape each one inside one of the layers.(Probably not the most professional way to do this but it attached easier this way)

The End Result
This was a very easy do it yourself craft and I think it turned out very cute.  I can't wait to wear it!  I'm thinking about making a few more in different colors for my sisters (we can have matching family necklaces!).

Tips to create this project cheaper: 
This project is already cheap since the paint chips are free (find them at your local hardware store), but...
1. Use a necklace band from something you don't wear anymore.
2. If you don't have double sided tape you could use scotch tape.

I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, tips or see your results from this tutorial. You can email me at or comment below.

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  1. Omg this is such a cute idea. There are so many colour options this way.

  2. Yes I love how you can choose whatever color you want to match whatever outfit you have.

  3. I have a TON of paint chips here. My kids grab a handful every time we are at Lowes and Home Depot. These are so easy! Thanks!

    1. I remember as a kid always grabbing a lot too. Maybe you can find good use for them(: