10 Lessons Driving Taught Me About Marriage

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Do you remember the first time you drove?  What it felt like?  I remember thinking, "Finally!  I can drive like all my friends.  How hard can it be?  All I have to do is push the gas and steer."  I remember quickly learning that there was much more to it.  When we drive we have to we pay attention at all times, make sure we are in the correct lane, break at the right time,  use blinkers, park correctly and be aware of all the other bad drivers around you.  Along with all that, we usually try adjust the air, radio and answer the phone.  That is a lot of stuff to learn to do all at once!  But I eventually got the hang of it and it taught me a lot about relationships.  Here is a list of 10 things driving taught me about marriage:

You can’t control everything at once.

*  You can’t focus on traffic, steering, paying attention to other cars, adjust the air and radio, talk to your passengers and everything else all at once. 
*  You can’t control yourself, your significant other, the house, the kids, the work and every other decision made in a family.  So take a deep breath and relax.  Focus on one thing at a time and everything else will fall into place.

Distractions Can Be Disastrous

You must pay attention at all times when you drive.  Being distracted even for a few seconds can lead to a wreck or even a death.
*  If you aren’t consciously working on your marriage it can easily fall apart.

Good Communication is Essential

*  It is essential to use your turn signals when you drive so others don’t run into you while you are turning or going into a new lane.
*  It is crucial to communicate with your spouse, remember your spouse can't read your mind.  Plus best friends are suppose to talk all the time.

You Must Do Your Part In Communication In Order For It To Be Effective

*  If your car's break lights and headlights don't work others can't see you no matter how many times you push the petals.
*  You have to talk AND listen to your spouse.  If you don't listen, your significant other will eventually stop talking and tune you out when you try to talk.

Be Teachable

*  While learning how to drive you must be teachable in order to quickly learn how to drive your car (before it leads to a wreck).
*  Remember when you first met your spouse?  You probably tried to learn everything about them.  I think this should continue throughout your whole marriage.  At every stage in marriage you and your spouse are changing, so you have the chance to learn from your spouse and about them.

If You Don’t Forgive, It Will Not Only Hurt Them But You Too

*  There are many drivers who have road rage and will try to do dangerous things to "teach you a lesson".  If these kind of drivers don't forgive the other car's wrong doings it could result in a wreck not only hurting both parties involved.
*  If you don’t forgive your spouse you will carry resentment and hard feeling around with you all the time.  These kinds of feelings hurts everyone emotionally and can cause a dysfunctional relationship.

You Have To Plan Time

*  You have to plan time to drive to your destination or you will end up rushed and speeding.  (We all know those speeding tickets can be rough on the pocket.)
*  It is essential to plan a time for each other.  It can gives you guys time to enjoy each others company, get to know each other again and results in more love.


* You have to trust yourself as a driver, trust your vehicle, and trust the cars around you or you will never get to your destination.
*  You have to trust yourself and your spouse in all their decisions and actions.  Without trust, there isn't a relationship.

There is No Room For Selfishness

*  You don't own the road.  You can't hog the road or quit paying attention to other drivers.  Being a selfish drivers leads to wrecks and death.
*  Both you and your spouse have to give 100% all the time for marriage to work. 

Spend What You Have

*  Without money for gas you won’t be able to reach your destination, even if you try.
*  It is essential to spend only what you have.  Money problems are one of the top reasons couples get a divorce.  So by spending only what you have, it leads to less arguments and issues in your marriage.

Getting married to my best friend was the best decision I ever made, even though it can be hard at times.  I'm always learning new ways that help us strengthen our marriage and our relationship.

So I want your help.  What things do you think are important in a marriage?
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