8 Things Couples Should Do Every Day to Keep a Happy Marriage- From a couple married 46 years

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As a kid I thought about who I was going to marry and what married life would be like.  But as I got older I realized, serious relationships can be a lot of work (but of course is well worth it).  I decided to interview a couple who has been married for 46 years to get their advice on what they think all couples should do every day to keep their marriage positive and happy.  It has helped me focus more on my marriage and hopefully can help you strengthen yours too.

What Does Marriage Mean To You?

Linda said, “Marriage is loving and living with your best friend.  Marriage is having the same goals and working toward them.  Marriage is wanting the best for the other person and helping him/her to be that person.  Marriage is being partners in everything, not one having control over the other one.  Marriage is treating each other with respect.  Marriage is being totally devoted to their spouse.”

Ray said, “Marriage is the sweetest experience that life can offer.”

What Advice Do You Have for Couples to Have A Happy Marriage?

  1. Always be willing to compromise. And that usually means both spouses going more than half way.
  2. Talk things over so each spouse knows what the other one is thinking or feeling.  Never raise your voice unless the house is on fire!
  3. Set goals together.
  4. Be sensitive to the other one’s feelings.
  5. Always kiss each other goodnight.
  6. Never go to bed angry.
  7. Both partners help with the children and the house.
  8. Never criticize the other one in public.  Only praise their good qualities.
These are all simple things we can do every day that can make a big difference on our relationship.

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What does marriage mean to you?
What advice do you have for other married couples?

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