How to Take Wax Out of Candle Jars and DIY Candle Tarts

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Have you noticed why candles burn out when they are close to the end?  It is because the wick runs out even though there is still wax at the bottom.  Well this week I learned how to take that wax out the easy way.  I was also able to repurpose the old candles into do it yourself candle tarts.  This is easiest and cheapest projects you will ever do.  It is great for your own home or for gifts.  I used mine as a gift to my grandma, since she has a obsession with candles.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

  • Old candles
  • Pot or kettle

Step 2:  Boil water in a pot or kettle
Once the water is boiling, pour it into the old candle jar.  If the jar is small it might be easier to use a measuring cup to insure you do not miss candle jar. 
*Tip: Make sure the boiling water is filled to the top of the jar.  I was surprised how much wax was still left on the sides of my jar when I didn't fill it all the way.

Step 3:  Wait overnight for the wax to harden
If you don't wait an efficient amount of time your candle tarts will crumble as you take them out.

Step 4:  Pop the wax out of the jar.
If you have waited enough time the candle wax should pop out with only a little pressure on one side.   If they are still stuck after waiting overnight then use a butter knife on the edges to cut them out.   6/7 of my candles popped out easily.

If there is still wax at the bottom of the candle you can repeat these steps.

This is how mine turned out after the first time.  You can see in the top row that 2 of them still had wax.

The End Result

All of the materials you need to create this project you should have at home, which means a free DIY project!  If you don’t burn many candles, ask your family or friends. 

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