8 Ways to Include Dad During Pregnancy

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During my pregnancy I was able to have many once in a life time experiences (at least for now).  I was able to feel my baby move all the time, take care of him even though he wasn't born, go the doctors appointments, feel my body change daily and many more.  Throughout my pregnancy I always wanted to share these experiences with the dad, my husband.  So here is a list of 8 things I did to include my husband during our pregnancy:

1. Let Dad choose how you will announce the new arrival.  I knew I wanted to take a cute picture for our announcement but my husband chose which one he liked the best.

2. Have your partner participate during ultrasounds.  When scheduling your appointment try to think about your hubby's schedule.  If he isn't able to attend remember to ask for the pictures or DVD so you will be able to show him when you get home.  This was one of my favorite parts of my whole pregnancy, watching my husband's face during the first ultrasound.  It was so special for all of us.

3.  Share all your feelings and the new things you learned.  When your other half isn't able to go to doctor's appointments tell him all the new information you learned about pregnancy, the baby's development and your health.  Also tell him how you are feeling about the new arrival.

4. Ask Dad how he feels about all the new changes.  Having a baby is a huge step in any relationship and can be a big adjustment.  Let him know you are there to listen to his opinion, concerns and excitements.

5. Let your partner choose the theme and colors of the nursery.  Most men (that I know) aren't into decorating.  But I found a bunch of themes I thought would be cute and he chose which one he liked best.  

6.  Choose the baby's name together.  Me and Jack had almost opposite taste in cute names but we were able to choose both a boy and girl's name we both loved.

7. Have him pick out some of the clothes and other baby gear.

8.  Anytime you feel the baby move, let him feel.  For several months, anytime the baby moved I would try to get my husband to feel my stomach.  I liked having him be able to feel Baby Z move because it felt like all 3 of us were connected.

What things did you do include your partner during your pregnancy?
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