40 Ways to Save Money Without Blocking Out the Fun

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In today's world there always seems to be less money in my pocket then I would likeWith all the bills, food, date night, kids activities, and other expenses that seem to always be piling the paycheck seems always to be spread pretty thin.  So I’ve created a list of 40 ways to save money without blocking all the fun.

1.    Pay in cash.  When you pay everything in cash you can visually see what money you have.

2.    Keep the change.  Save all your change.  I use mine as a vacation fund for the end of the year.

3.   Don’t hoard.  Go through your house and collect things you don’t need.  You can sell it on Craigslist, garage sales, EBay, or even Facebook pages.

4.   Make gifts.  Between birthdays and holidays there are tons of gifts people buy.  But making them it is more personal and cheaper.

5.   Never go to the store hungry.  When I’m hungry everything looks good so it is very easy to pick up a few extra items to satisfy those cravings.

6.   Make lists before shopping and stick to it.  All those little extra items add up.

7.   Drink Water.  Did you know most of the time you think you’re hungry, you’re really thirsty?  By drinking water it will satisfy that hunger for free.  Also it will save you on soda or liquor costs.

8.   Turn Off Lights.  Electric bills can be sky high when leaving appliances on, including lights.

9.   Wash Your Hands.  It prevents illness.  Leading to less sick days at work and hospital visits.

10.  Holiday Shop after Holidays.  Everything is on sale!  So you can stock up for next year.

11.  Volunteer Program.   This is a great use of time but it can also help you pay off student loans.

12.  Fuel Efficient Car.  No matter how much gas prices fluctuate it is still expensive. 

13.  Reliable Car. If your car is constantly breaking down.  It might be worth saving for a new one so you don’t have to pay so many bills for fixes.

14.  Avoid the Mall.  I love clothes.  I have an obsession with clothes.  But by avoiding the mall it saves me from buying a new wardrobe.

15. Create a Debt Bar.  What is that you ask?  Create your own visual graph that you can color in to see how much debt you have left.  Visuals are an important step to accomplishing goals.

16.  Cancel Subscriptions.  Last month I realized I had 2 Amazon Prime accounts (found out when they emailed me asking if I would like to renew for ANOTHER year).  By going through your subscription it will be less likely you double up (like me) and it will give you a chance to save money on subscriptions you don’t use.

17.  Eat Breakfast.  It satisfies hunger throughout the day, saves you from buying snacks when you’re out and about and it helps you lose weight!  Can’t go wrong with that.

18.  Swap babysitting.  By swapping babysitting it saves you from having to pay for a babysitter and when it is your time to babysit it will give your kids friends to play with, saving you on activities.

19.  Use MyFridgeFood.  You put in the food you already have at home then it will give you recipes on what you can make. 
20.  Go Through Your Closet.  As I’ve said before, I have a clothes obsession. But occasionally I go through my clothes to find the ones I don’t wear and sell them to local thrift stores.

21.  Make snacks.  Since I’ve been pregnant I found this a must.  I pack snacks everywhere I go so I can satisfy those random hunger cravings.  It saves me a lot on take-out and junk food.

22.  Bring Water Bottles.  This goes along with #7.  When I bring my own water bottle places it is more likely I’ll drink it leading to all the positive things water helps you with.

23.  Try to DIY Home Improvements.  If things are broken try using Google or YouTube for tutorials of how to fix things around your house.

24.  Repurpose Items From Home.  I love repurposing items, you can have great treasures for free!  You can check items I’ve repurposed HERE.

25.  Regularly Check for Cheaper Places to Live.  This is for renters.  Every time your lease is almost up look for new apartments or houses that can be nicer for better price.

26.  Free Local Events.  I love going on dates with my husband but it can get expensive.  So try looking up free local events.  It will give you something new to do for free.

27.  Learn to Cut Hair.  Little kids and men’s haircuts can be super easy to do yourself and it saves you on professionals doing it every few weeks.

28.  Buy Staples in Bulk.  By buying items you go through constantly it bulk, it will save you tons of money in the long run (most of the time).  So try comparing prices and see if you will save.

29.  Price Check.  Sometimes this can be a pain but it can save you tons of money by just paying attention when you’re at the store or you can check online.

30.  Look at Phone Bill.  Do you use everything that your plan comes with?  Is there a new provider that provide the same services for cheaper?  There are tons of companies out there so check, you might even get a phone upgrade!

31.  Regularly Check for New Promotions.  I recently saw an online ad for a cheaper price for my internet service (that they didn’t tell me about).  By looking online for new promotions your company provides, you might save money each month on the same service.

32.  Check Out Benefits Your Company Offers.  Many companies will offer new benefits to you depending on how long you’ve worked there.  Check out these benefits and you could get better insurance benefits, get a raise, get more paid vacation days etc.

33.  Make Your Own Cleaner.  Pinterest has tons ways to make your own cleaners for cheap.  You can check out my Pinterest board HERE.

34.  Use a Fan.  Running the air conditioning raises your electric bill tremendously.  By running a fan instead it can cut your electric bill and you’re still able to keep cool.

35.  Pot Luck Socials.  Do you like to go out to eat with friends?  Try having a pot luck at home instead.  You will still have delicious food but will be able to save a lot of money by preparing your own food.

36.  Make Freezer Meals. When you make a casserole, make a few.  It will lead to fast meals without having to go to fast food restaurants.

37.  Try New Budget Ideas.  My husband and I are always trying to ways to budget in hopes to find the best plan for us.  By finding the perfect plan you will be able to practice frugality while still living well.

38.  Track expenses.  Write down everything you spend money on.  Whether it’s a 50 cent candy or 100 dollar grocery bill.  By writing it down it can ensure you don’t miss including it in your budget.  It can also help you realize where you can cut back so you will have more money to use on other items.

39.   Choose Quality.  There are many things you can choose the cheaper brand and still get the same use.  But other items you need to use quality of price so you don’t have to constantly replace it.

40.  Go Through Your Bank Statement.  At the end of the month go through your bank statement and see what charges were made.  Are there items you didn’t track?  Are there things you could go without the next month?  Are there any charges you didn’t do?  All of these are important things to track every month.

I would love to hear different ways you save money!  You can comment or email me at call.life.crazy@gmail.com
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