How We Can Follow Our Dreams the Smart Way

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We all have crazy lives between family, work, school, and any other obligations.  But today is the day we start following our dreams, the smart way.  We all need to work together and inspire each other to go from being a dreamer to doer.  Last week we took our first step by creating goals and writing them down.  We also divided our goals into categories making it easier for us to live our dreams.  I hope these first steps has inspired you to take the next step, creating a plan to achieve our goals.  By creating a plan we are able to make a conscious effort every day to focus and act on our goals.  It also allows our minds to continually create a smarter plan to accomplish more tasks  If you missed lasts weeks post you can find it HERE.

How Can We Create a Plan to Achieve Our Goals?

     Alan Lakein once said "Failing to plan is planning to fail."  Without a plan, it is impossible to follow our dreams and achieve our long term goals.  The easiest way for me to create a plan is by creating measurable milestones so that I can track my progress and actions.  This way I'm able to put each step into my daily to do list, check my progress weekly, then each month look at what I can do differently so I can better achieve my goals.  

How to Make Specific Goals to Follow Our Dreams?

Every dream needs to have specific goals.  Creating specific goals allows us to create a picture of how we will follow our dreams.  We can get a better idea of what these kind of goals are by asking ourselves a few questions. 

Who does my goal involve? 
What do I want to accomplish? 
When do I want to accomplish my goals? 
How can I accomplish my goals?
Why do I want to accomplish these goals?

Create A Deadline

Now that we know what our specific goals we can set a deadline when to accomplish them.  Is it in a week, month, year, many years?  Try creating daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals you want to accomplish.  Think of what you can do every day that will help you live your dream.  I've learned when I ask myself each day what my plan is and plan for the future I am more likely to take action then if I just set my goals and say, "I'll do it sometime."

What did you plan each day?
Do plan to track your progress and actions?
If so, when?  Each week?
If your plan doesn't work out in a short time period, how will you change it?

Write It Down

I just created my own planner for my blog that has a huge difference on how I go about my plan.  By writing my plan down I can remember my goals, visually see what I wanted to do and prepare for future tasks I want to achieve.  (I'll soon post how I made my blog planner and how I will make my home planner).

There is power in writing things down, just like my planner.  Remember, a goal not written down is only a wish.

My Plan

 One of my dreams is to be a stay at home mom while Baby Z is little and not in school.  But in order to do this and work towards being more financially stable, I still need to contribute to my family's income.  In order for me to do this I created a plan for myself including finishing my degree in business, monetizing my blog, and starting my own nail business.  I then created deadlines for myself so that I could work everyday towards each of these specific goals.  This has helped me come a long ways towards following my dreams.

I hope my method has helped you create a smart plan and go from being a dreamer to doer.

So dreamers, what are you going to do this week to take a step closer to following your dreams?

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  1. I needed to read this today! Thank goodness for Motivation Monday because I AM going to make this SAHM thing work! Keep it up, girl! You've got this! =)
    ~Heather aka HoJo~